Winter Car Check

Don't get caught out in the cold, make sure your car is winter ready by booking it in for a winter car check at your local Volvo North East showroom.

Your car's winter health check will include:

  • A thorough safety inspection of your car, where you'll receive a video and health check report
  • An inspection of your battery, brakes, lights, tyres, exhaust, steering and suspension
  • An examination and top-up of under-bonnet fluid levels, up to 0.5-litre anti-freeze, brake fluid, oil, power-steering fluid and windscreen washer fluid

All for a price of just £29.95

You can also choose a range of additional optional extras when booking...

Anti-freeze change - £39.95
Anti-freeze top-up - £14.99
windscreen wiper blade
Replacement wiper blades - 25% off
windscreen water
Duxback windscreen treatment - £29.95

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