The Volvo Hybrid Range

As Volvo's bid to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly brand, they have expanded on their hybrid and electric range, from mild hybrid through to plug in hybrid (PHEV), all the way to fully-electric (coming 2020), to include the whole Volvo car range.

The fastest-growing type, however, is the ‘plug-in hybrid’, where your Volvo car has the ability to be automatically on the move but can also be charged manually, by plugging the vehicle into the mains electricity at home, or at a public recharging station.

Saving the planet...

"With CO2 emissions of 55g/km or less, our plug-in hybrids are a more conscientious choice. Over a 10 mile commute to work and back, you could save up to 46 bathtubs of CO2 every week compared to competitor petrol or diesel models." - Volvo UK^

hybrid xc60 plug in
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hybrid xc60 plug in
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What is a plug-in hybrid?

A combination of a battery powered electric motor and a traditional combustion engine.

How are they charged?

You can either plug them in, or via regenerative braking while driving.

Can they just run on electric power?

Yes, for shorter journeys up to 30 miles.

Why choose plug-in hybrid?

A plug-in hybrid offers a greater pure electric range, than solely a normal combustion engine, due to having a larger battery pack and electric motor. Rest assured a plug-in hybrid will meet the daily commuting needs of many people.

PHEV Offers

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