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Volvo S60 Ex Demos

NK69GMGS60 T5 250hp R-design Plus AUOnyx Black3730£38,810£29,000£9,810
NK69GUGS60 T5 250hp R-design Plus AUFusion Red1965£38,960£29,000£9,960
NK69GUUS60 T5 250HP Inscription Plus AUOnyx Black1879£40,010£29,000£11,010
NL69YEYS60 T5 250HP Inscription Plus AUOnyx Black4171£39,777£29,000£10,777
NX69HGGS60 T5 250hp R-design Plus AUIce White4502£38,285£29,000£9,285
NX69HLHS60 T5 250hp R-design Plus AUIce White2880£39,270£29,000£10,270
NU69HAXS60 T8 405 BHP Polestar Engineeered AU AWDOsmium Grey5100£64,830£47,500£17,330

S60 Demo

Volvo S90 Ex Demos

NV19HVFS90 D4 R DESIGN GeartronicBlack7727£40,010£24,000£16,010
NC19HLHS90 D4 R DESIGN GeartronicBright Silver6899£39,995£26,500£13,495
YK19JWJS90 D4 R DESIGN Pro GeartronicBlack8124£45,785£28,500£17,285
NK19LVUS90 T8 Twin Hybrid R-design PRO AWD GeartronicBursting Blue5861£59,295£39,500£19,795

S90 demo

Volvo V40 Ex Demos

NC19HZKV40 D2 R-designPassion Red2073£25,405£16,500£8,905
NK69NNOV40 T2 Momentum EditionFusion Red4771£23,065£16,500£6,565
YK19JNNV40 T2 R-design EditionIce White3602£25,495£17,500£7,995
FY69XPCV40 2.0 T2 R-Design EditionOsmium Grey545£26,045£18,000£8,045
NC19HZLV40 D3 R-designBright Silver5145£27,205£18,000£9,205
NC19XXLV40 T2 R-design EditionOnyx Black4422£26,045£18,000£8,045
NH19LLTV40 T2 R-design EditionBright Silver6120£26,045£18,000£8,045
NH19VOVV40 T3 R-design EditionBright Silver2353£27,145£18,000£9,145
NX69HNNV40 D2 Momentum EditionBright Silver2846£25,465£18,000£7,465
NY19FAFV40 T2 R-design EditionBright Silver4047£26,045£18,000£8,045
NX19JHHV40 T3 R-design EditionBright Silver4311£27,145£18,500£8,645
NK69NLLV40 D2 R-design EditionBright Silver3000£27,540£19,000£8,540
NL69CHCV40 T3 Inscription Edition AUOnyx Black1974£28,354£19,000£9,354
NT19AWAV40 T3 Inscription Edition AUMussel Blue3653£28,405£19,000£9,405
NU69DJDV40 D2 R-design EditionOsmium Grey3669£27,495£19,000£8,495
NU69GGOV40 D2 R-design EditionOnyx Black2340£27,495£19,000£8,495
NX69HOHV40 D2 R-design EditionOnyx Black1932£27,540£19,000£8,540
NA69OOJV40 T3 R-design EditionBright Silver3002£27,095£20,000£7,095
NJ69XDDV40 T3 Inscription Edition AUOnyx Black4952£30,730£20,000£10,730
NX69HHOV40 D2 R-design Edition AUOnyx Black4320£29,425£20,500£8,925
YJ69UPPV40 D3 Inscription Edition 5dr GeartronicFusion Red4125£30,150£21,000£9,150
YJ69VDDV40 D3 Inscription Edition 5dr GeartronicBright Silver4468£30,150£21,000£9,150

V40 demo

Volvo V60 Ex Demos

NC19ZSYV60 D3 Inscription Silver7500£36,495£25,000£11,495
NA69CMXV60 D3 150hp R-design S/SIce White3545£35,415£26,000£9,415
NL69XKHV60 D3 150hp R-design S/SOsmium Grey1765£36,065£26,000£10,065
NL69YOVV60 D3 150hp R-design S/SPebble Grey1257£36,065£26,000£10,065
NL69VNWV60 D3 150hp R-design S/SPine Grey4366£36,065£26,500£9,565
NL69VUNV60 D3 150hp R-design S/SOnyx Black3169£36,065£26,500£9,565
NK69GYYV60 D3 150hp R-designIce White2182£36,290£27,000£9,290
NT19AOAV60 D4 R DESIGN AutoIce White3468£38,495£27,000£11,495
YJ69URUV60 D3 Momentum 5dr AutoOnyx Black4911£35,940£27,000£8,940
NX69HUHV60 D3 150hp R-designBursting Blue4319£36,890£27,500£9,390
NA69HWHV60 D3 150HP Inscription PLS S/SOsmium Grey1896£38,195£28,000£10,195
NL69ZHHV60 D3 150hp R-design AU S/SBursting Blue4018£37,915£28,000£9,915
YJ69URRV60 D3 R DESIGN 5dr AutoOsmium Grey4425£37,615£28,000£9,615
NJ69XXPV60 D3 150hp R-design Pro S/SOsmium Grey2558£38,315£28,500£9,815
NK69GVVV60 D3 150hp R-design Pro S/SSavile Grey Pearl1858£38,315£28,500£9,815
NX69HHZV60 D3 150hp R-design AU S/SIce White3785£38,165£28,500£9,665
NK69NNZV60 D4 190hp R-design PRO S/SOsmium Grey3222£39,270£29,000£10,270
NL69MFFV60 D4 190hp R-design PRO S/SSavile Grey Pearl4441£39,315£29,500£9,815
YJ69UNUV60 D4 Momentum Pro 5dr AutoBirch Light3390£39,590£30,000£9,590
NK69NSNV60 D4 190hp Inscrptn PLS AU S/SPebble Grey4521£43,015£31,500£11,515
NX69HHEV60 D4 190hp R-design PLS AU S/SIce White4600£44,195£33,000£11,195
NU69MVSV60 D4 190hp R-design PRO AU S/SOnyx Black2906£46,225£34,500£11,725
NK69GJGV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoBright Silver2906£41,160£29,500£11,660
NK69HJJV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoOsmium Grey2544£38,935£29,500£9,435
NL69VHHV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoSavile Grey Pearl4255£38,935£30,000£8,935
YJ69UOOV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoSavile Grey Pearl5150£38,570£30,500£8,070
NL69KKYV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoOnyx Black3575£41,580£31,000£10,580
NX69HHBV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoIce White2300£42,610£31,500£11,110
YE69EZNV60 D4 Cross Country 5dr AWD AutoPebble Grey3561£40,545£31,500£9,045

V60 demo

Volvo V90 Ex Demos

YK19JWWV90 D4 190hp R-designWhite8994£40,785£25,500£15,285
NC19HMHV90 D4 190hp R-designSavile Grey Pearl7524£42,795£27,500£15,295
NY19WVMV90 T8 Hybrid Inscription Plus AWD GtronIce White8425£66,455£48,000£18,455
NA69CFDV90 D4 Momentum Plus GeartronicOnyx Black96£40,665£26,500£14,165
NA69CFJV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White6844£41,265£26,500£14,765
NA69CFOV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White6254£41,790£26,500£15,290
NA69CEUV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White50£41,265£28,000£13,265
NA69CFYV90 D4 190hp R-designSavile Grey Pearl1204£41,965£28,000£13,965
NK69NNWV90 D4 190hp R-designBright Silver5521£41,920£28,500£13,420
NJ69YTYV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White2716£41,265£29,500£11,765
NK69GVGV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White3591£41,790£29,500£12,290
NK69GZZV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White1958£41,265£29,500£11,765
YJ69VHHV90 D4 190hp R-designIce White3221£41,290£29,500£11,790
NK69NRNV90 D4 190hp R-designOnyx Black5432£42,490£30,000£12,490
NX69HKKV90 D4 190hp R-designBright Silver1604£41,990£30,000£11,990
YJ69VHVV90 D4 Cross Country Plus AWD GeartronicOsmium Grey0£47,340£32,000£15,340
NK69GNNV90 D4 Cross Country Plus AWD GeartronicIce White3658£46,685£33,000£13,685
YJ69USSV90 D4 Cross Country Plus AWD GeartronicIce White3560£46,685£33,000£13,685
YJ69USUV90 D4 Cross Country Plus AWD GeartronicIce White8110£46,685£33,000£13,685
YJ69VDPV90 D4 Cross Country Plus AWD GeartronicBright Silver2336£52,285£34,000£18,285

V90 Demo

Volvo XC40 Ex Demos

M111VOLXC40 T3 163hp Momentum FWDOnyx Black2232£29,545£26,000£3,545
YB69AZTXC40 T3 163hp R-design PRO FWDThunder Grey1746£35,045£29,000£6,045
NH19VOUXC40 D3 150hp R-design FWDOnyx Black3868£35,205£29,500£5,705
NC19HMVXC40 D3 Momentum PRO AU FWDOnyx Black6123£36,970£30,000£6,970
NY19FBUXC40 D4 Inscrptn PRO AU AWDPebble Grey8103£38,795£32,000£6,795
T9BBAXC40 D4 R-design PRO AU AWDThunder Grey5128£41,910£32,500£9,410
YC19LCOXC40 D4 R-Design Pro AwdCrystal White7509£39,070£33,000£6,070
JTA8BXC40 D3 R-design PRO AU FWDThunder Grey4509£40,970£33,500£7,470
NV69EUMXC40 D4 190HP Inscrptn PRO AU AWDGlacier Silver525£38,810£33,500£5,310
R2UBYXC40 T4 Inscrptn PRO AU FWDPebble Grey2500£40,075£34,000£6,075
YJ69VFVXC40 D4 R-design PRO AU AWDGlacier Silver4500£38,795£34,000£4,795
YA69PMOXC40 D4 190hp Inscrptn PRO AU AWDThunder Grey741£42,760£35,000£7,760
Xc40 demo

​Volvo XC60 Ex Demos

NH19HVMXC60 D4 R DESIGN AWD GeartronicWhite8574£42,150£31,500£10,650
NL69RCUXC60 D4 190hp R-design AU FWDFusion Red5554£42,010£32,000£10,010
NK69NNUXC60 D4 Momentum PRO AU AWDOsmium Grey4785£43,390£32,500£10,890
NL69OVTXC60 D4 190hp R-design AU FWDOnyx Black4360£42,010£32,500£9,510
NL69XYYXC60 T5 250hp Momentum AU AWDFusion Red2847£40,910£33,000£7,910
NU69LHLXC60 D4 190HP R-design AU FWDBursting Blue1750£41,990£33,000£8,990
YH69MFFXC60 D4 R DESIGN 5dr GeartronicFusion Red8140£41,690£33,000£8,690
NC19YAAXC60 D4 Inscription AWD GeartronicOnyx Black6000£45,345£35,000£10,345
NH19UKPXC60 D4 190HP Momentum AUIce White3638£38,970£35,000£3,970
NU69OWGXC60 T5 250hp R-design AU AWDIce White2515£46,490£37,000£9,490
NK69NPNXC60 D4 190hp Momentum PRO AU FWDMussel Blue6548£46,000£38,000£8,000
NL69CHHXC60 D4 190hp Momentum PRO AU FWDFusion Red3201£48,195£39,000£9,195
NX69HPPXC60 B4 197HP R-design PRO AU AWDBursting Blue4215£53,445£41,000£12,445
NA69WFSXC60 T8 Hybrid R-design PRO AU AWDCrystal White2588£65,995£52,000£13,995

XC60 demo

Volvo XC90 Ex Demos

ND19OGG XC90 D5 R DESIGN AWD Geartronic Black 3541 £57,135 £40,000 £17,135
NA69LZL XC90 D5 235hp R-design AU AWD Bright Silver 2752 £57,090 £41,000 £16,090
NK19LND XC90 D5 R DESIGN AWD Geartronic Black 4885 £57,135 £41,000 £16,135
NY19VVH XC90 D5 Inscription AWD Geartronic Inscription Electric Silver 4125 £59,235 £42,000 £17,235
NK69NNV XC90 D5 R-design PRO AU AWD Onyx Black 4578 £60,815 £44,500 £16,315
NK69HAU XC90 T5 250 Inscription AU AWD Onyx Black 4000 £57,160 £45,000 £12,160
NK69NNX XC90 D5 R-design PRO AU AWD Inscription Electric Silver 4489 £66,460 £49,000 £17,460
NU69XZD XC90 B5 D 235hp R-design AU AWD Bursting Blue 547 £58,070 £50,000 £8,070
NX69HHU XC90 D5 R-design PRO AU AWD Osmium Grey 1459 £60,860 £50,000 £10,860
NH19WSW XC90 T8 Inscrptn PRO Geartronic AWD Onyx Black 7852 £76,130 £56,000 £20,130
NL69VTN XC90 T8 390 HBD Inscrptn PRO AU AWD Onyx Black 2163 £75,145 £60,000 £15,145

XC90 demo

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