Shhh Event at Volvo North East

As a special customer this is your exclusive invitation to access the most amazing Secret Saving on over 6000 new and used cars. These are only available to our special customers and will not be available to the general public.

The event will be held at your local Volvo North East showroom Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget stocks are limited so we ask you to book your appointment using the form below to ensure you receive the best possible savings.

You will arrive at your appointment and discuss your deals as normal with our experienced sales staff. Once you are happy – and this is the SECRET PART – we will send your chosen deal to our management who will then authorise an additional discount. The secret saving is exclusive to you.

Not only will you have an amazing deal with an exceptional saving, you will also have the chance to take advantage of;

- Up to 5 years 0% APR finance

- Nil deposit deals

- Excellent manufacturer contributions

This is a one-off event, so be quick and make your appointment below today.

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