Inaugural Mill Garage Mixed Doubles Tennis​

We delighted to say our inaugural Mill Garage Mixed Doubles held on 12th May was a huge success. The tournament was open to tennis members from David Lloyd gyms in Sunderland, Newcastle and Teesside and the mixed pairings were all on form, vying it out to win the chance for a long weekend in their chosen Volvo.

However, it was Karen and Nick Lazonby who were the overall winners of the tournament. Karen was thrilled to get the use of the car for the weekend and thought it was a great chance to see how the XC40 would fit into their daily life:

“We were absolutely thrilled to win the competition and the chance to use a brand new Volvo for the weekend,” said Karen. “It was tempting to go for one of the really expensive, top-of-the-range models, but to be honest we’ve been thinking about changing our own car for a few months and a Volvo XC40 was something that we’d been thinking about. Nick and I discussed what we should do and both agreed that the best way to really find out whether the car would be ideal for us, was to use it in the same way that we’d use our own car.”

“We took our family to the swimming pool and just did our normal day to day chores, “added Karen. “The family were devastated when we had to hand back the car. It was hilarious, on the day when we took the Volvo back to the Mill dealership, the sales guys couldn’t find the keys to our old car. We were delighted and hoped they’d never find them and let us keep the XC40.”

Unfortunately, it was not to be as the Lazonby’s own keys were soon located. However, they were so impressed with the XC40, they are thinking of buying one next year. It is hardly surprising as Volvo’s first compact SUV has been wowing industry experts since its launch. It has won numerous prestigious awards, being named European Car of the Year and voted What Car? Magazines Car of the Year, to name just a few.

With its stylish looks, the XC40 is sure to get heads turning, yet thanks to the impressive well-thought-out interior driver and passenger comfort is never compromised.While on board, Volvo’s advanced technologies and famed safety systems ensure every journey is more intuitive.

Runners Up

The runners up of the tennis tournament, Eric and Olga Glanville received a voucher to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the Ramside Hall Hotel.

We like to thank everyone who took part in the competition and we hope to hold further tournaments in the future, so keep a look out for more information in the On Court Magazine. Or to keep up to date with all the latest news and events at Mill Volvo, don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why Choose Volvo?

Volvo now rates as one of the world’s top premium car manufacturers, so if you haven’t driven one for a while, we definitely think you should take one for a spin.

With exceptional desirability inside and out, extensive on-board kit and a host safety technology, you can trust in Volvo to deliver care-free journeys. Why not take a look at the full selection of Volvo models available or head to your nearest Mill Showroom to take a look at the available models in the metal.